Our designers, project managers and surveyors will make your space work for you.

Your work environment is like your home environment. It’s important to get it right. A well-designed space will inspire and engage your staff and visitors. Our team will create designs to maximise the potential of your environment and reflect your business goals and visions. Fall in love with your surroundings and let us inspire you.

PS Properties & Interiors will design and furnish your space to help enhance your business culture. Your office should reflect your brand and vision. Our designers understand this and will bring out the absolute best in that space.

From taking a brief, leading into the design and specification stage, right through to implementation, our processes are mapped and systemised to ensure efficient development of every project. One of the key aspects of the design process is the client’s involvement. Ensuring our clients are directly involved in the design process, they can input a whole host of valuable information from their experience and knowledge of their organisation. This results in a compelling culture driven understanding of your office fit-out requirements by our design team.

Client involvement is extremely beneficial to our designers, helping them to quickly work up relevant schemes and avoid any wasted time caused by independent working and lack of proximity to our client’s requirements.


@PSPI_ Unlikable work colleagues, who are noisy, annoying and even steal from the office fridge top the list of workplace…
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